if your lookiing to convert Kilopascals (kPa) to psi your in the right place!
Common kpa to psi conversions
  • 1 kPa to psi = 0.145037738

  • 5 kPa to psi = 0.72518869

  • 250 kPa to psi = 36.2594345

  • 400 kPa to psi = 58.01508

Tip of the day, you should always check your tire pressure it could save you gas money
Learn how to convert kPa to psi

Have you ever found the need to convert Kilopascals into Pounds per square inch?

If you have then there is a good chance it was because you were looking at the tire pressure in your car​​. they typical tire pressure for a normal family car is 220 kPa, which in the american standard is around 32 psi. Well to be precise it's 31.90830236, but we just round it up to 32.

So how do you find this out, Well thats the fun part and it's easy with this simple formula kPa x 0.145037738 = psi ​​.
That's is, just grab a calculator, type in your kPa value ​times it by 0.145037738 and you get the psi.

Hold on that's a lot of number to type in your says, well yes it is, but there is an even easier way. It's this online conversion calculator. that simply converts kpa to psi. You just put in your kps number and press convert and there you have your answer. Hope that helps good luck converting​​.
​​here is the link: http://convertmpatopsi.com/kpa/convert-kPa-to-psi.html
Convert kPa to psi